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Foundation Technologies

For strong robots, feeling the force

The Centauro Robot

  • Compliant Actuation
  • Payload capacity
    10 kg per arm
    60 kg on back

The CENTAURO robot is the result of more than 10 years of evolution in the field of legged mobile robot design, which has also spawned the renowned COMAN and WALK-MAN robots. The CENTAURO robot is a hybrid legged/wheeled bi-manipulation system that can overcome gaps and obstacles, but attraverses levelled terrain most efficiently using wheeled locomotion. The robot is capable of carrying 60 kg payload on the back and each arm has a rated manipulation capacity of 10 kg. It is entirely powered by the Alberobotics integrated actuators.

For more details, check out the IEEE Robotics Automation Letters publication regarding CENTAURO.




Legged | Wheeled | Hybrid


The integrated actuation units feature high torque and power density. The passive compliance renders them sturdy as well as capable of high fidelity torque sensing and control. Both features permit human-like soft but also harsh physical interaction with the environment. The actuators feature hard real-time interfaces. They are modular and customizable. The existing actuator palette covers a broad power and torque range (see info sheet).


  • Robotic Arms
  • Humanoids and Legged Robots
  • Wearable Robotic Devices
  • Industrial Automation
  • Rehabilitation Devices
  • Human Robot Interaction
  • Haptics and Teleoperation

Main Features

  • Integrated Dual-Core Signal Processor and Power Electronics
  • High resolution Current, Position and Torque Measurements
  • Compact, Impact Resilient Design with High Power Density
  • Modular Assembly and Customizability
  • Broad Torque, Velocity and Compliance Ranges
  • Real-Time EtherCAT Communication
  • Control Modes: Current, Torque, Impedance, Position


The force torque transducers display low noise, low time and thermal drifts, low cross-talk of non-axial moments and low torque ripples transmission systems from connected application systems. They offer high linearity as well as hard real-time communication interfaces. The compact electronics ease application integration. For more details check out the info sheet.


  • Robotics
  • Industrial Automation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Human Robot Interaction
  • Haptics and Perception
  • Medical Robotics

Main Features

  • Six axis load measurement (forces and torques)
  • High grade stainless steel construction for high stiffness
  • Titanium alloy sensors available when higher resolution may be required
  • High overload capacity, up to 3 times rated load
  • Semiconductor strain gages for small size, high stiffness and low noise sensors
  • Compact data acquisition electronics with Ethernet connectivity (EtherCAT on request)
  • Embedded webserver for easy system configuration from any browser



  • Underactuated modular fingers
  • Compliant finger structure and transmission
  • Phalanxes with contact pressure sensing
  • 4kg payload
  • Pinch grasp
  • Power grasp
  • Grasping and operating power tools

For more details, check out the IEEE Robotics Automation Letters publication regarding HERII HAND.

For strong robots,
feeling the force

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